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Individual Therapy/Counselling

Individual therapy is a personal opportunity to receive support and experience growth during challenging times, or to work through a personal/mental health issue. As your therapist I can be your sounding board, teacher, coach, mirror, advocate, analysts or problem solver, all depending on your desired outcome.  Individual therapy can inspire change or improve the quality of your life. Therapy does not necessarily make problems disappear, but it equips you with the tools needed to cope with things more appropriately and confidently.

Child and Youth Counselling

Counselling may be helpful to children and youth who experience challenging life situations that may cause emotional distress.

Often children who are experiencing emotional distress can be labelled with various diagnoses. Although diagnosis can be helpful at times, it is important  to understand what a child’s behaviour and emotion tell us and how to assess and address their needs.

I work with children to better understand their experiences and the impact of those experiences on their current functioning (behavioural, social, emotional and academic). It is important to gain an understanding of a child’s experiences and their perspectives, to help set goals and develop strategies.

Parent Support and Coaching

Parent support/coaching can help remove the pressure of having to parent “perfectly” or parent from a “one size fits all” parenting style. One of the most common reasons parents avoid counselling is the idea that they have failed as a parent. I believe the opposite. My role is to help parents be the best parent they can be and normalize the challenges parents face when their children or youth are struggling.

Parents are the most important people in a child’s life. Child counselling is sometimes necessary and helpful; however, you as the parent have a much larger capacity to support your child or youth with their struggles.

Parent support/coaching can provide you with guidance and support to better understand your child’s needs and how to respond meaningfully to your child’s needs. I work at providing parents with knowledge, tools and emotional support to help them with the struggles their child or youth is experiencing at home and school.

Family Therapy

I believe that the parent-child relationship is most important. Life can present challenges that can impact families and the parent-child relationship.

When children move through different ages and stages or families go through transitions or challenges, parents can find it difficult to connect and understand their children. Each family is unique, but all families can make changes and strengthen the parent-child relationship.

"Rules without relationship leads to rebellion." -- Josh McDowell 

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